The YELL Team

Laura Hall, MSW, (she/her/hers)

Program Role: Team Leader.  With the help of the entire YELL team, I am responsible for curriculum development, delivery, and implementation of the program. 

About Me: I have worked at MDRC for the past 9 years and spent the last 5 years creating refining, and preparing the YELL program for replication.  As a proud woman with Cerebral Palsy, and a wheelchair user, I did not find my way to the Disability Community or disability pride until I attended college.  Therefore, I am passionate about helping youth with disabilities discover their leadership skills, pride, and connection to the Disability Community.  I live with my husband, service dog, Adler, and two cats.  I am a State Organizer for Michigan ADAPT, a grassroots activist organization that engages in direct non-violent action to advance the rights of people with disabilities.

Michele Brock, LMSW, (she, her, hers), Director of Community Programs for Michigan State University School of Social Work

Program Roles: I am responsible for oversight of evaluation activities, student supervision, and coordinating various activities in service of promoting YELL’s success.

About Me: I am a curious person. I am drawn to disability advocacy, especially for youth. I am an ally in-progress, actively engaged in learning and listening. I love my three children, husband of 15 years, dog and 2 cats. I enjoy camping, forests, yoga, playing games, listening to music, and binging various Netflix and Hulu series.

Paul Miller, (he/him/his)

Program Role: Program Presenter.  I assist in preparing and presenting YELL content to students and staff.

About Me: I participated in some college courses after high school. I have been working at MDRC since 2008. I don’t have any pets, but I like animals. When introducing myself I like to say, “I have a disability accent so if you need me to repeat myself just ask.”

Bethany Styer, (she/her/hers)

YELL Program Role: Administrative Assistant to Paul Miller

About Me: YELL Program Role: Administrative Assistant to Paul Miller. I do a variety of tasks to support Paul in carrying out his YELL work. Some examples are preparing for presentations, taking meeting notes, and tracking his schedule and deadlines.  In pre-pandemic days, I provided transportation for Paul and his walker.  Hopefully we’ll be able to do that again before long.

About Me: I have worked with people with disabilities since I received training to care for children with Cerebral Palsy as a Girl Scout.  I’ve done in-home tutoring for middle school and high school students, and supported a number of adults through health crises. My work history is wide-ranging, from managing a non-profit tourism organization to teaching to bee-keeping. I’m currently renovating an old house where I live with my two cats.

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