Quotes from Students

I liked…

Speech bubbles that read How everyone talked about their disabilities and were okay with them. hearing about why it’s important to self advocate. Us ourselves know us best. hearing the people in the classes stories about internalized ableism. hearing about how people fought back to try to get their voice heard. I realized some things about others and myself that I was never able to see before.

What are some of the things you learned in YELL?

“Um, I think it was like, just, understanding in general, and just because, like, I didn’t know a lot of stuff that I found out. So, it was kind of, like, eye opening, I guess.”

“Like, advocate for, not specifically people with disabilities but also just, advocate for yourself… Yeah, um, I just think a lot about, like, disability history. Like I didn’t really know a lot about it.”

“Thinking about how you do certain things. It’s like, you have your own identity, and no one can like, be like it.”

“Um, like, there’s multiple things about you, there’s a lot of different things that you can identify yourself as…. Yeah, I mean I’ve kind of like, when we learned about internalized ableism, it kind of, like, opened my eyes to, like, some of the things that I thought, or seeing what other people say or do, kind of been like, oh, that’s kind of, you know, not great. Like, I never thought of it that way.”

[Image description: 4 students sitting on a brick wall near windows outdoors. Two students are wearing glasses and all the students in the photo look like they are enjoying being together. End image description.]
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